A trip down phone-phreak memory lane

The ProjectMF server can be accessed via the PSTN on 630-485-2995. The switch will play back recorded instructions when you dial in. You must have a blue box handy and understand how to use it to have any fun with this.

Please see the ProjectMF Introduction for a gentler introduction if the above makes no sense to you.

Esquire Blue Box

A blue box is an electronic device that replicates the tones that were used to switch long-distance telephone calls. They allowed you to route your own calls and bypass normal telephone switching and billing. Blue boxes no longer work in most countries, but they can still be used with Project MF!

Please see the Project MF Blue Box page for details on building your own blue box.

Project MF is a set of modifications ("patches") to the open-source Asterisk PBX software to support in-band signaling. The original Project MF patches were developed by Mark Abene, aka Phiber Optik, in 2005. Since that time additional patches have been developed that make ProjectMF behave a little bit more like the old telephone network, including "wink back."

You don't need to run your own Asterisk or Project MF server to enjoy Project MF -- you can just dial in to our public server. But, if you'd like to set up your own server, the patches can be found on our Project MF Asterisk Patch page.